Catch-up and update

For those still checking in on my website, I thank you.  I’ve neglected it and this blog for a few months now.  Most of my daily activity is on my FB page, but that includes not only book info. but non-book info. as well, so it may not be something you’d want to follow.  Anyway, while I’m taking a short breather, I wanted to give you an update on my schedules and changes made since my last post.

  1. I had shoulder surgery this month for a torn rotator cuff and adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder).  All went better than expected, and I’m back to tapping away on the keyboard.
  2. Because of contractual obligations to Penguin/Random House and the fact I was still having to do a lot of research to get story details correct, I set aside Gaslight Viduus (Book #2 of the Bonekeeper Chronicles) for now so I could concentrate on completing my draft of Phoenix Unbound to be turned in next month to PRH.  Because of that deadline, everything else was shifted in the queue.  As such, Gaslight Viduus and The Ippos King (Wraith Kings #3) will go out in 2018, with The Ippos King going out before Gaslight Viduus.
  3. I am in an anthology set to go live in December with authors Thea Harrison, Elizabeth Hunter, and Jeffe Kennedy.  The name of the anthology is Amid the Winter Snow.  My contribution is titled In the Darkest Midnight.  While it takes place in the world of the Wraith Kings, it can stand alone for those readers who may not have read Radiance and Eidolon.
  4. Eidolon won the 2016 Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award for Fantasy Romance.  Yay!  Very excited to receive that award back in May.  The convention was fun.
  5. Gaslight Hades (Bonekeeper Chronicles, Book #1) was originally part of the Beneath a Waning Moon duology with Elizabeth Hunter’s story.  BaWM is still out there for sale, but if you’d like to get a copy of GH by itself, it is available as a solo title as well on Amazon.
I think that’s it for now.  If you sent me a comment and didn’t see it immediately pop up, that’s because I have comments on moderation.  Despite plug-ins, safeguards, firewalls, etc. I still get a fair amount of spam sneaking through, advertising fake rolex watches, car insurance, sun glasses, and Viagra.  I keep the moderation on so that the only person who has to see all that crap is me (right before I delete it unread and send it to the trash).  I approve the legit comments and reply; it just might take me a little while to get to it.  Thank you for your patience.
Hope you are having a good summer (or winter if you’re in the southern hemisphere).