Serialization of THE IPPOS KING (Wraith Kings #3)

ETA – got my month wrong, and made the correction from September to August (see below).

I’m serializing the rough draft of THE IPPOS KING (Wraith Kings #3) vi a my newsletter, so if you’d like to follow along, please scroll down to the bottom of my home page and you’ll see the box on the right for subscribing. A couple of things about this serialization:

1) The plan is update every two weeks. If sooner, then great, if later, well, sometimes life messes up our schedules. So that schedule is what I’m aiming for, not what’s written in stone.

2) This is a rough draft. Expect all kinds of typos, hiccups, errors, and problems. Basically I’ll write it and post it. No edits, no proofing, nada. As such, when I say rough, I mean rough. Please resist the temptation to edit it or suggest edits. I don’t crowd-source my editing, so this would be a waste of effort on your part.

3) If you subscribed and didn’t get the newsletter when it drops, check your junk mail or spam box. It may be in there. Unfortunately, due to time constraints and a tight schedule, I won’t be able to hunt down and verify subscriptions, resend updates, etc. That being said, there may be other subscribers who’d be happy to share the latest update with you if you note the issue in the comments section of a newsletter update. Also, back issues are auto archived, and there will be a link provided to the previous issues, so that should take care of a lot of problems. I wish I could be more accommodating, but this kind of administrative work takes a lot of time when in the aggregate, and if I have to choose between this and putting in the word count, I have to choose the word count.

4) Because I’m unaware of the age range that signs up for my newsletter, this version of the book will be PG-13. Higher levels of sexual intimacy will be reserved for the published version.

Chapter One of THE IPPOS KING goes live in the newsletter Thursday, August 23, 2018.


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