Update on writing schedule. I apologize for the long hiatus with updating this blog. 2019 has been a very busy year so far and promises to remain that way through 2020.

DRAGON UNLEASHED – This is book #2 in the Fallen Empire trilogy (PHOENIX UNBOUND was book #1). Currently, it’s scheduled for a release date of December 10, 2019 and is available as a pre-order in both the print and ebook formats at the usual retailers. An audio format will also be made available as it gets closer to the release date. The manuscript is now in the copy editing phase, so basically still processing. Possible changes regarding this book: the release may be rescheduled, and the print format may be canceled. Here’s why: I wrote this book twice, and that caused delays for the publisher’s production schedule, so while they build in time for processing when putting up estimated release dates, they’re sometimes forced to move those based on things like the author’s submission of a completed manuscript and extent of revisions.

The possible change regarding the print version is unfortunately completely out of my hands. Quick and dirty explanation on how the print ordering works with traditionally published books – Publisher decides on a print run for a book based on orders from a retailer’s book buyers such as B&N, etc. The book buyer places their order based on their estimate of what will sell in the stores. A lot of guesswork there. If the initial print run sells out, the publisher will order another run. This is always good news. If, however, the print run doesn’t sell well, this affects the print viability for subsequent books so that the print run is significantly reduced or canceled. This is the case with DRAGON UNLEASHED. Print sales for PHOENIX UNBOUND were flat. This directly impacts book #2. The production department at the publishing house is still trying to determine whether or not the print version for DRAGON UNLEASHED will be made available. If you’ve already preordered it, don’t worry. You aren’t out any money. As you probably already know, preorders aren’t usually charged until the book goes live. Even if the print version is canceled, the ebook and audio book will still be available.

For those waiting on THE IPPOS KING, I’m working on it now. I apologize for its delay. Due to contractual obligations to the publisher for the completion and submission of DRAGON UNLEASHED, I had to put Wraith Kings #3 on hold until I met those obligations. I’m not giving an estimated release date here as I’ve had to roll back on those I’d issued previously. As soon as it’s done and in the queue for upload, I’ll let everyone know.

And this brings me to my next item. Newsletter. I had a lot of technical glitches with the newsletter rollout and updates. Some people got the newsletter, others didn’t. Those who didn’t had issues either with some kind of coding on my side (which has been fixed) or the newsletter arrived in their junk/spam folders, and they didn’t check. I received a fair number of emails and comments from people wanting me to troubleshoot why they didn’t their newsletter or requests that I sign them up for the newsletter.

Unfortunately, my family obligations and heavy writing schedule put a lot of constraints on my time. I’m unable to put this much focus on what’s basically desktop support for a newsletter, nor can I afford to pay an assistant to do it for me. As such, newsletter updates will be very rare. Basically anything I’d put in there, I can just as easily post here where you can access my blog without issue or worrying about signing up for anything. You can also follow me on Facebook or Twitter for latest news (links to those are on my home page). Also, as I’ve mentioned in the past, I cannot sign you up for the newsletter. You have to be the one to do that (instructions for doing so inside red square box, bottom righthand corner on my home page). If I signed you up, I would be in violation of what’s known as GDPR compliance (General Data Protection Regulation). So if you’d still like to get the rare newsletter, just follow those instructions on my home page.

And I think that’s it for now.

Best – Grace