Dragon Unleashed – change in release date

Quick update: If you pre-ordered DRAGON UNLEASHED via Amazon, you may have received a notification that the publishing date has been moved from December 10th to June 2020.

The change in date is based on two things – when I turned in the completed manuscript after first-round revisions and when Penguin-Random House’s production department determined multiple factors in scheduling to determine when they could roll the book out, including how retailers schedule titles for their seasonal catalogues. In this instance, I turned the manuscript in too late for them to meet the December 10th release date and they’ve moved it an additional six months out. While not good news, it isn’t unexpected, and I’m just thankful they didn’t have to cancel pre-orders and start over.

While I have no control over trad pub’s release date decisions, it is all on me for getting the book in so late. Writing it twice from start to finish delayed it by several months, and that was a conscious decision on my part. I rather have a stronger book go out later than a weaker one go out now. And while I, as a self publisher, am a lot more nimble and flexible with schedule changes, and can publish a book very quickly once it’s completed, the same can’t be said for traditional publishing. The wheels on that wagon turn very slowly.

I thank you for your understanding and patience. DRAGON UNLEASHED is currently with the copy editor, will then be returned to me for those corrections, then move to a proofreader. After that, it’s my understanding the rest of the book packaging begins.

As with previous posts, I’ll keep everyone updated on my status for the various books.