THE IPPOS KING release date and additional information

After a long delay, TIK went live today. Many thanks to those of you who ordered the book! And thank you for waiting out the delay. I wish I could say I spent every waking hour of those 3.5 years working on this book, but that isn’t the case. Real life has a way of intruding. Between the death of one of my editors, contract restrictions with my traditional publisher which prevented me from releasing books during certain time frames, as well as contractual obligations to complete books for that traditional publisher, homeschooling my kids and moving from one city to another, TIK was put to the backburner more than once.

That being said, the time it sat also gave me the chance to really flesh it out so that it ended up being a book that is more than 50k words longer than RADIANCE, and more than 40k words longer than EIDOLON. Words that I think were needed to tell Serovek’s and Anhuset’s story.

I’m working on the third and final book in the Fallen Empire trilogy for my traditional publisher. After that, I’m contractually done with that series. My goal is to have Book #4 of the Wraith Kings series out in late 2021 or early 2022, but as we’ve seen with book #3, the best laid plans are often derailed by things we can’t foresee, can’t control, and don’t expect.

And for my next bit of information: We had three pairs of eyes on this manuscript for proofreading, but some typos and missing words got through despite our best efforts. For preorders, Amazon has a protocol in place where a final file must be uploaded no later than four days prior to release date. The file is then locked, and we can’t make any more changes until they unlock it on release date. Of course, for those folks who preordered, they get the locked file. My proofreader/formatter uploaded a file with additional corrections this morning. If you preordered and have the previous file but wish to update with the most current one, please see below for instructions. These apply to Amazon only. Other retailers simply overwrite the existing file with the newest one. Amazon’s is a little more convoluted and complex. Also, if you speak with a customer service rep there and they tell you that you have to return the book and repurchase it, ask to speak to a supervisor, because that cs representative is incorrect.

Updates with corrections to the file are in place and Amazon has put the new file on live status. So for those who want the latest version of THE IPPOS KING downloaded onto their kindle to replace the one they currently have, here’s what you do:

Method #1 – Go to Amazon’s main page, scroll down to the bottom menu and under “Let Us Help You,” select “Help.” Then click “Digital Services and Digital Support,” and scroll down to the bottom where it says “Talk to an Associate,” and click the “Contact Us” link. It will take you to a “Start Chatting Page.” Click that.

You’ll have to tell/coax it to send you to Customer Service. Once it does, tell CS “I need the latest update of Grace Draven’s THE IPPOS KING; it has typo/error corrections I would like to have.”

This is the most reliable way to get the new file.

Method #2 – Go into “Your Content and Devices” and check if there is an “Update Now” link next to THE IPPOS KING. If yes, click it. If no, then use Method #1.

There is a third way that’s a real “maybe” and I wouldn’t recommend it. It involves deleting the book from your kindle and redownloading it, but that method hasn’t been consistent for getting the updates.

Again, thank you for your patience and your patronage.

Best – Grace